Masland or Mataranchi is an exclusive and expensive high ranged  handmade variety of Madur made with intricate artistic skills by about 50 artisans living in Sarta GP of Sabang Block and Kholaberia village of Ramnagar I. The artisans use their own land or take land on lease and specifically monitor the growth of the crop. The Madur sticks are seasoned by soaking in water for 24 hours and then sheared using needles and laid out to dry. It is made even finer by shearing with teeth during the time of weaving. The sticks are occasionally dyed using naturally extracted colours from leaves, locally known as Rangchika. Cotton thread is used as the warp. The time taken to make a Mataranchi varies from 2 weeks to about 3 months depending on factors like the fineness of the sticks, the number of warp threads per inch and the intricacy of the design. Much like carpets that use knots per square inch to determine quality, the number of warp threads and the number and thickness of reeds per inch determine the quality of the mats.

Developing Diversified Products In Looms :

Madur weavers make various diversified products in the looms.The products developed are bag, purse, curtain, table runner, jackets, pen holders etc.

Segment / Category Wise Product Details :