Masland or Mataranchi is an exclusive & expensive high ranged handmade variety of Madur made with intricate artistic skills woven by artisans of Sabang & Ramnagar I. The time taken to make a Mataranchi varies from 2 weeks to about 3 months depending on factors like the fineness of the sticks, the number of warp threads per inch and the intricacy of the design.

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  • Black Zigzag Masland Mat

    Black Zigzag Masland

    Starting From Rs.2,500.00
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  • M2013

    Ladies clutch bag

    Starting From Rs.270.00
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  • Maroon Zigzag Masland Mat

    Maroon Zigzag Masland

    Starting From Rs.1,200.00
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  • M2017

    Organiser 1

    Starting From Rs.190.00
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  • M2018

    Organiser 2

    Starting From Rs.200.00
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  • M2033

    Prayer Mat

    Starting From Rs.500.00
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  • Red and Natural Mat

    Red And Natural

    Starting From Rs.5,000.00
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  • M2012

    Regular Tray

    Starting From Rs.350.00
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  • Reversible Madur

    Reversible Madur

    Starting From Rs.2,000.00
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  • M2019

    Sling Bag 1

    Starting From Rs.240.00
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